They were sent back unboxed, poorly packaged and apparently damaged during use. To improve your help experience, please sign in to your account. Choose this option if you don't have tracking details from one of our integrated shipping carriers showing the item was delivered to the address on the order, or showing the package has been in transit without movement for 7 days or more. further more that the "service" have ZERO actual work done, it is fully automated system, it is clearly done for fee grabbing They called the police and open the box infront of the police and it is empty. What is an eBay partial refund? Hi, Would be appreciative if anybody can help or have had similar issues. and choose Refund buyer. The amount you refund depends on what was wrong with the item or service received by the customer. Even on items that were signed for. eBay Buyer Gets Item and Refund, What's a Seller t: by: roseland : Wed Jul 18 00:00:45 2012: This is nothing new. Business sellers do not have the right to appeal against a decision under eBay rules which leaves a court as the only alternative, it says. Give support, share information, and connect with fellow members. eBay buyer scams: 4 frauds sellers need to watch out for. What do others do in these cases? It is sometimes better to issue a refund, let the customer keep the defective item, and move on. If the buyer requires a refund—cancellation, full refund, less than full refund, or partial refund, eBay will refund the sales tax to the buyer in these cases since we collected the sales tax on the original transaction. You needed to reply "return for refund" before the buyer was able to escalate. Click “I did not receive item.” This opens a request. Even with tracking items show delay and sellers get blamed. It has happened to me several times now and one even went into dispute via Paypal. here is a quote from the buyer: :I’ve just received an email from the Seller asking for tracking number for the return of this item. and not authorizing the retur for refund ??). EBay has now given my buyer a full refund and gets to keep the item. I AM IN AUSTRALIA AND SOLD AN ITEM AND SENT TO USA TO THE BUYER IN EARLY AUGUST 2019. Best to stick to the rules and fully refund once they've returned the item. To add insult to injury, you incurred an unresolved case strike at the time the buyer escalated the request. Death certificates show that you died. Ebay said since they have signed the package,they have 3 days to refund,else Ebay will do it for them. Buyer claims the item wasn’t received I recently sold an item on eBay. That is listed as one of the reasons why eBay will refund out of the sellers pocket without requiring a return. For most eBay sellers the story would end there. It usually takes 3 to 5 business days for a PayPal refund to go through. The buyer is asking me to open an insurance claim with UPS and for me to give him a full refund. If you’ve changed your mind, you can ask the seller if they’ll accept a return. Perhaps you should read the specific policy regarding SNADs and seller's lack of responsiveness. Catherine Lewis was left out of pocket after selling a coat. Weeks later, Vora found photos on the buyer’s social media accounts showing her baby happily installed in it. If the item was sent as a large letter with no tracking, you will lose any not received dispute and eBay will take the money from your PayPal and refund the buyer. “Professional scammers often never notify eBay, nor leave feedback because, if they do, sellers can respond via feedback which stays forever to warn other sellers,” he says. “As an online marketplace we take action to protect thousands of sellers in the UK every month, and we’re constantly improving our systems to make our marketplace as safe as possible,” it insists. The short version is that if your item doesn’t get to the buyer within 30 days, you must refund the payment. If you don't refund them, the buyer can ask eBay to step in for up to 10 business days after the refund deadline. After all, I did treat her well and acted professionally and gave her the benefit of the doubt, let her keep the item, and gave her 100% refund. Buyer claims the item wasn’t received The buyer has to open a Not Received case, and you have to refund within 3 days, THEN you claim on Royal Mail. Misuse of returns or the eBay Money Back Guarantee If your item arrives damaged, doesn’t match the listing description, or is the wrong item, you can return it for a refund. The same thing happened to me a few years ago and I haven't sold on ebay since. If the item you received doesn't match the description in the original listing, or if it arrived faulty or damaged, you're covered under eBay Money Back Guarantee. I did so, but my appeal was rejected as I did not provide the report from the police.”. The buyer pays quickly, and you send the item without concern. When he tried to do so, he was refused. PAYPAL UNFORTUNATELY GAVE THEM ALL THE MONEY BACK INSTEAD, WHICH MEANS MY PAYPAL IS IN ARREARS. “Instead, they make a PayPal claim after 60 days when the sales record for a transaction disappears from the seller’s file and feedback can no longer be left on the buyer’s record.”. You can return it even if the seller's returns policy says they don't accept returns. The seller will also pay for return postage; Issue a full refund and let you keep the item – This typically happens with low-cost items where the return postage would cost more than the item Ebay insists that each dispute is investigated before refunds are issued. If you've changed your mind and want to send it back, you can ask the seller if they'll accept a return. Customers who change their mind about a purchase often cite a return as “not as described” rather than “no longer wanted” to avoid incurring postage charges and these count against a seller unless they are successfully appealed. eBay will demand a return and the buyer sends the empty box back to you, keeping the item and the money as it’s refunded. It usually takes 3 to 5 business days for a PayPal refund to go through. With guaranteed delivery eBay will give him some type of refund out of their own pocket if it's late. A buyer has opened a dispute after buying an item from me and is the saying the item is counterfeit. Ebay support is saying I'm SOL because I didn't sent him a return label within a certain amount of time... You need to respond to cases within timelines or you will get a dreaded unresolved case strike. Postal Service will pay on an insurance claim if they feel you did a lousy job of packing. The op didn't lose because of a no refund policy. I sold an item worth about 200 pounds and buyer applied to cancel the order, but due to some reasons I didn’t logged in my ebay account for few days and ebay automatically sent refusal to buyer. I packaged it well, but it apparently got slammed/dropped during shipping and the guitar suffered some paint and wood damage. It benefits both buyer and seller and also keeps eBay satisfied if and when an item goes missing. Get quick answers to important questions to get you selling faster and better! Founded in 1995, the company specializes in consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through its website. eBay Inc. is a multinational e-commerce giant headquartered in San Jose, California. Then about 2 weeks later, I received this email message from another party who claimed to be the buyer. This is going to open the flood gates to buyers to open disputes without having to be accountable for returning items. “Our team is on the lookout 24/7 for bad buyer behaviour and they’re backed by large-scale, automated detection systems that examine millions of transactions every day.”. It seems that I did not loose out other than the $1.40 ebay fee, but the principle is still not right. “My case wasn’t about money, more about the principle.”. Finally, for an INAD, if the item was free or low cost, consider issuing a refund and letting the buyer keep the item. Anna Wabrobska is a business seller of car parts. If your item has gone missing, or if it's damaged or faulty, most sellers are happy to work with you to resolve the issue. If there really is … They filed a report on the spot with the police and called Ebay high value customer service and asked now what? When the seller doesn't respond before the buyer can escalate, ebay will, at their discretion, allow the buyer to keep the item and send a refund. You got lucky on the 5 days. Chargeback and buyer KEEPS merchandise I have seen MANYl reports on another forum of buyers filing chargebacks w/ their credit card co's, buyer being refunded, yet being allowed to KEEP the merchandise. It was that easy for the buyer. If the buyer filed a SNAD return (not as described), you have to authorize the return for a refund and, because you have a no return policy, you have to provide a return shipping label or let eBay know that you want eBay to issue the label. After refunding the buyer, report the buyer to eBay, block them from bidding on your future items, and consider this a $10 investment to ensure you never have to deal with them again. If a buyer reports that an item is counterfeit and there are strong indicators that the item is counterfeit, eBay may not require the buyer to return the item to the seller. eBay is only required to give you 3 days to respond to the return request. Handle a return request . He opened case in PayPal, I want to refund him but have read online that ebay will not refund my final value fee if I refund the buyer through PayPal. ~ Anais Nin. The principle came at a cost – the £70 in court fees and administration outweighed the award and he must find a further £70 if he wants a summary of the judgment. If a buyer opens a cancellation request with you, you have 3 days to approve or decline it. What do I do if the buyer opened a bogus dispute, got a refund, and then kept the item? “I have finally realised I cannot do business with this company any longer,” he says. Boxed out of a claim. Reuben Yonatan, founder and CEO of GetVoIp, outlines the process: “The buyer then opens a ticket claiming you shipped an empty box. He sent before and after photos to eBay who told him they would refund the buyer and Ewers could appeal against their decision afterwards. Even on items that were signed for. “It happens often, buyers thinking they are entitled to free goods due to eBay’s liberal approach to refunds,” he says. It’s automatic and covers your purchase price plus original shipping on eligible purchases*. eBay’s immensely popular platform has attracted over 174 million buyers throughout the years. I had hoped paypal stopped doing that by now. If they have not opened a dispute, I wouldn't do anything at this stage. Like Vishal Vora, other sellers are fighting back. 0. how to refund a buyer on ebay She was duly refunded by the company but she never sent the bouncer back. The buyer pays quickly, and you send the item without concern. The buyer paid via Paypal. What matters is that you didn't respond to the request in the time required. Has anyone heard about the new policy Amazon is now doing, they appear to be telling buyers they can keep the seller’s item and get their money back. If you approve it and the buyer has already paid for the item, you have 10 business days to issue a refund. If I didn’t, they would issue a full refund and let the buyer keep the item. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Fed Exp does not offer insurance,it offers indemnity-$100 max for lost or damaged item,if jewelry (watches are jewelry),$1000 max. Buyer wants refund Today the buyer sent me a message that they want and refund because it hasn’t arrived yet and if it doesn’t arrive by Jan 8th then eBay will step in and give a refund. Seller should THEN take it up with Fed EXP. This is rediculous!!! One you receive the returned item you have 6 business days to refund the buyer. “Birth certificates show that you were born. “The buyer claimed the item didn’t arrive but eBay gave a refund, even on items that were signed for. Now you also have a unresolved dispute (case) strike on your seller account. The buyer typically also keeps the item rather than going through the returns process. Refund the buyer: The buyer will get a full refund, including the original shipping costs. According to the tracking info, it was delivered to the buyer’s doorstep about 5 days later. It has since unleashed debt collectors to recover the £2,300 from Ewers. Its around £100 in value and 100% genuine. Ebay counters that its penalty fees for return rates of over 2% are “to ensure buyers receive the best shopping experience possible, bringing more buyers and more sales for sellers” and “maliciously filed returns are stripped out of the calculations”. Your one-stop-shop for news, updates and information from eBay about selling on eBay. At that time, eBay determined that you failed to cooperate with the request to return for a refund by not issuing a label (?? “I’ve told them to take me to court and I look forward to defending the claim if it ever happens,” he says. Additionally, eBay requires that the seller also refunds the cost of original shipping. Photographs show that you have lived.” -Unknown. ... it will be the seller who gets punished. Secure a Partial eBay Refund in a Few Minutes. They are desperate to keep buyers, good or bad. He washed it, listed it as used and accepted an offer of £56 plus £5 postage from an expectant mother. Despite proof from the Post Office that the parcel weight corresponded with a handset, eBay refunded the buyer. When the buyer claimed she had not received it, eBay issued a refund. She then reported him to the police for harassment. To improve your help experience, please sign in to your account. “When I appealed they told me to submit a police report,” she says. I sold an electric guitar on Ebay. eBay will demand a return and the buyer sends the empty box back to you, keeping the item and the money as it’s refunded. It seems that I did not loose out other than the $1.40 ebay fee, but the principle is still not right. Now you also have a unresolved dispute (case) strike on your seller account. When they do, you'll receive an email letting you know. Worse, the buyer has been reported to eBay three times before for this and no action has been taken.” He emailed the buyer demanding the item, or his money back. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. Get help with an item that hasn't arrived. Roland Grimm, a personal seller, sold a Tannoy to a buyer who, 60 days after confirming receipt, claimed it had never arrived and raised a dispute with PayPal which offers an alternative buyer protection scheme to eBay. “Buyer claimed item didn’t arrive, eBay gave refund. Get your refund. Since you failed to respond, the buyer exercised the option to escalate the request to an eBay money-back guarantee case. Ebay claimed that, since it can’t verify the condition an item is returned in, it refunds sellers on a courtesy basis, but that Grimm has made several such claims of returned goods, so no longer qualifies. We had to file a claim with the USPS service once for a missing shipment (we had already refunded the buyer) and we were told by the post master that sometimes the claim will be honored and the value of the item will be refunded to the seller and then weeks later the buyer will actually receive their missing package.