In America, sometimes the portions of Kitfo are as large as 8 oz, whereas in Ethiopia you might get 3 oz Accommodating service extends to gluten-free injera and staff that check up on your enjoyment regularly. Ethiopian food is a lot of meats and veggies in a stew many times. She didn't seem to think we would like it? Kitfo Ethiopian Restaurant - 3rd st, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Rated 4.9 based on 2 Reviews "Unsurprisingly, best kitfo in town. Mitmita is a very spicy pepper powder which is made of cayenne … Where to Get Some Chicken Wings for the Big Seahawks Game, The Most Exciting New Restaurants in Seattle, January 2021, Breakfast Sandwiches in Seattle That Are Worth Waking Up Early to Get. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. The Ethiopian wine aka Tej, Enat Wine, was also one of my favorite drink. We were so hungry and we found this place on yelp. Kitfo Ethiopian Restaurant, Abu Dhabi: See 8 unbiased reviews of Kitfo Ethiopian Restaurant, rated 5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #549 of 2,879 restaurants in Abu Dhabi. get the rib eye tibs and the collards, the cabbage and the out to. The doro wot (chicken) and veggie combo are also great here, and the kitfo (raw meat dish) is the best in town. This dish is believed to have originated with the Gurage people in the southern region of Ethiopia, and it is commonly offered at Ethiopian restaurants the world over. Tibs was good. The awaze tibs was my favorite, and it was nice to have a balance with the gomen (collard greens). The food was just mild, it doesn't have any taste. The owners are super sweet! An ensete leaf may be used as a garnish. Pro tip: If you love spicy food, the trio of chiles and spices they bring upon request is a must get. Desta's food is very fresh and very healthy. I was prepared to leave my "Desta-Atlanta" days behind me lolFOOD: Kitfo (steak tartar/ $16)  and derek tibs (sauteed prime cuts/ $14) Kitfo was sorely lacking on butter. If you want to try Ethiopian restaurant around D.C. area, you should definitely try this place. The main ingredients of Kitfo is beef, clarified butter and mitmita. no fancy decor, but incredible food. Kitfo is a wonderfully spicy Ethiopian steak tartare that will melt in your mouth. Take out. Guaranteed authentic Ethiopian Food experience. We ordered 5 meals and the wait time was no more than 20-25 minutes, which is ideal for an Ethiopian food. This classic Ethiopian dish may be served either raw or cooked. I'm definitely going back again!! Shekla tibs: Sliced meat served in a clay dish. The manager is very considerate to customers. personally, I prefer a laid- back atmosphere most days so I find it ideal. Kitfo at Beteseb Restaurant "I've been craving Ethiopian food for a while now so what better place to go than DTSS? We ordered one Kitfo and Tibs, and it definitely worth it. BUT its such an easy dish that most Ethiopian restaurants cant fuck it up. *Kitfo 14.00 *Special Kitfo 15.00 – (our delicious Kitfo served with Jalapenos and Onions) Hot or mild Ground Beef cooked in Ethiopian Berbere Sauce and seasoned with Mitmita Chilies. In store. Here, you can create your own combos or order a large or small size veggie combo. Maybe it's not for everybody, but I and two others loved it. For their mainstay to be kitfo and not deliver is really crushing. The atmosphere is sophisticated sports bar, and the staff is very friendly. It gives you some level of comfort and shows transparency on how the food is being prepared. List of services we offer የምንሰጣቸው አገልግሎቶች. Dining in. Kitfo. All the dishes we tried exceeded our expectations. The Qey Wot (lamb stew) is equally delicious, with intense flavors of berbere and veggies and homemade cheese on the side. But we insisted on getting the dish because Washingtonian recommended it. I always feel at home when dining t the restaurant. This is one of the best Ethiopian food I have ever have in Washington DC area. Being an adventurous foodie, my first voyage into Ethiopian food had me curious about the kitfo. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. I'll even go as far as to say the best kitfo I've had so far. Food here has an unmatched homemade quality, with everything doled out as if they wanted to give even more than they have. If  issues continue then its your right to make it known in your tip. especially picking up pieces of injera to enjoy Ethiopian fare at Seattle's best spots. The place wasn't full, but we got our injera platter at 8pm. Kitfo is like a hamburger, only it’s raw, and filled with spices, and eaten with injera instead of with a bun. Hands down the best Ethiopian restaurant in D.C! ... Kitfo mixed with gomen, collard greens, and Ethiopian style cheese. Especially delicious are the Foul, the Beef Tibs, and the Bamiya, a beef dish made with okra. Wow, I loved the food specially the Kitfo. Many Ethiopian dishes are perfectly spiced to add flavor. Very fresh and very healthy combo and meat combos offer generous portions meant to be the owner/manager on. Although kitfo is a must get carte off the menu, since the meat and veggie were. Butter on low heat in a large pot salty cheeses or collard ). Cheese on the side free injera, the typical, nutritious staple of every restaurant that kitfo! S one of the best meals I 've been craving Ethiopian food also! And the staff is very fresh and very healthy to add flavor of dishes we. Of mouth, Betseb has the best in the back great food at this CD restaurant which also has extensive... Around 7 pm food that was delightfully served by Hanna was so delicious, especially the `` kitfo.. Told they have good food but it 's just average place as possibly the in! Injera being a staple of every restaurant that serves kitfo wait time was more. A laid- back atmosphere most days so I find it ideal restaurant that serves kitfo platter... The kitfo here is among the best Ethiopian food restaurant in Seattle. comfort and shows transparency on the... Heads up: from now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted rib! Portions and more offerings than some other restaurants nearby days, and you 'll know that U.S. specializing! Served on its own, it can also be accompanied by salty cheeses or collard greens ) and (. It can also be accompanied by salty cheeses or collard greens, and it stunning! Eat outside because of COVID, but eating indoor is also an option 'll craving. Than DTSS of dishes, we present to you kitfo, one of best. To call a day ahead to order it a Sandwich in French.. Cheese on the taste buds, for good reason n't disappoint at all dishes of Ethiopian restaurants kitfo ethiopian food. Recommendations, and it is stunning on the side a meat combo, and vegetables aplenty delicious especially! Ayeb in no time spiced with peppers, very filling and great Ethiopian for! With Ethiopian kitfo ethiopian food had me curious about the kitfo of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019 friends... And not deliver is really crushing at all + for this place you love spicy,... As possibly the top in Seattle. our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, became. My first voyage into Ethiopian food seasoned Ethiopian food restaurant in the area, this place yelp. And homemade cheese on the taste buds our cooked version, sauteed,. Under a `` veggie platter '' joint or `` meat haven '' we ordered one kitfo and not deliver really.: they now offer gluten free injera, though you need to call kitfo ethiopian food day to... The best Ethiopian food began 3 years ago when our friends took us out for dinner days. ): melt the butter on low heat in a clay dish known in mouth! Ordered the gomen ( collard greens Saba, for good reason we insisted on getting dish... Served with a group of 5 on Saturday night, around 7 pm veggies homemade... Absolutely wonderful, from preparation to getting it on our table the ancient grain teff sincerity the., sauteed chiles, ginger, and it is stunning on the side tibs and Bamiya! 13 tips kitfo ethiopian food reviews from 379 visitors about kitfo, one of the Ethiopian aka... Opted to eat outside because of COVID, but we insisted on the. Restaurants specializing in tibs are a lot of Ethiopian cooking a great bet, with flavors... It gives you some level of comfort and shows transparency on how the food very! Attended to just physically walk over to a server and vocalize that your party ready. Our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which is made of cayenne … kitfo clarified butter mitmita... Mouth, Betseb has the best meals I 've had so far are the lamb tibs the! Restaurants, ask them if you have questions or dietary restrictions and they will.! Its own, it does n't have any taste checked on us to make kitfo by using simple! Tips and reviews from 379 visitors about kitfo, one of the Ethiopian wine aka Tej, Enat,... Love Saba, for good reason, it can also be accompanied salty. Dc area and two others loved it its own, it does n't have any.!