For 4K USD, the Utopia may seem over priced, but you actually get a headphone that will stand through the test of time and will become part of headphone's history as being one of the best headpones ever made. -2 months old, near new. Please support this website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker. aging hippie. iEar’ is in Nederland exclusief Utopia dealer, je bent van harte welkom voor een demonstratie van deze magistrale luidsprekers.De topmodellen Grande Utopia en Stella zijn uitgerust met een Elektro Magnetische woofer waarmee een ongeëvenaarde laag weergave weggezet kan worden. Excellent noise insulation is guaranteed with the closed-back design and by the large ear cushions which preserve the headphones’ acoustic qualities, even in noisy environments. The Base is very crisp, accurate and appropriate (not bloated) for the sound of each particular recording. Surprisingly good headphone; I do love it despite the outrageous price. A carefully finished, light, rigid carrying case, Optional: a stand allowing you to display the Utopia Headphones indoors. Focal Diablo Utopia: Running in. Thankyou! Sounds superb. Listening to the natural brassy edge on horns and high notes from sopranos allowed me to zero in on a strength of Utopia’s. This promotion runs through the end of the 2020 calendar year, so if you’re already a Utopia, Stellia, or Clear owner, or yet to be — don’t worry, you have ample time to take advantage of this sweet deal. thanks a lot to Ming (M&LaMusique) Finally, at the source of Listen’s acoustic qualities are the innovative 1¾″ (40mm) drivers. Bass is controlled. Happy Listening everybody. Well done Focal! Read full InnerFidelity review here: My pair of Focal Utopias arrived early this morning. Ik ben de eerst gekozen persoon in Nederland die het kleinste model aan de tand mag voelen. If I had any nits to pick, there would only be two, and I consider them more attributes than downsides. Innerfidelity is gone now, the site has been shut down, and my initials are not T.H. for high-fidelity loudspeakers, Declaration of conformity for the European Union. I could wear them and listen to music all day. Utopia is the exception. amazing tone balance and tone. 6.Take Me Home, Country Roads (Original Version) : John Denver, Confident and competent in every way to reproduce the input signal. None of the foregoing bests the Utopia overall. Best headphone I have ever listened to. Fantastic Headphones. They exalt the intimacy of a personal and passionate listening session at home while opening new fields of emotion and feelings. Anyway...they remind me of the Marker's Mark Whiskey ad......Taste expensive...and is! Every music lover owes it to themselves to try the Utopia headphones once. Reageren Bieden. As close as I’ve got to the sound from my Naim floor standers. I could listen jazz or other genres but not classical. Uniquely revealing and balanced headphone. Extended Warranty They give me what I’m looking for sound wise but in slightly different ways and with some different strengths and weaknesses. I have two plans with Utopia headphone; EVO staat voor evolutie. Focal is also offering a $1000 voucher on purchase of the Arche to all Utopia owners through the end of 2020. Feels like you aren't wearing a headphone (fit & finish is excellent). Phenomenal resolution, wonderful tonal balance and extremely fast and revealing sound. Bericht aan Dusutl. The Focal Utopia has become indespensible for truly appreciating and enjoying the music in my Hi-Rez system; so much so that I am divesting all other headphones I own, including the Elear and Clear, and will use the Utopia exclusively for all my future listening. Just received my Focal Utopia. Bought the product December 2017, now (Sept 2018) left side cup is deaf. No other phone can do this. The Arche as an amplifier with other headphones generally has a dense, slightly warm, yet very sweet and resolving sound, with a silky smooth mid-range and treble. I was fascinated by your Utopia headphone, which was posted in Youtube with special offer limited number; surveyed necessary information in the web, finally decided to purchase together with short Lemo cable. A lot has happened since then, the high-end market is crowded, and $4000 for a headphone seems almost pedestrian nowadays with all of the companies jumping into the game, many of them stretching the definition of what a headphone is. I find both HP's provide an equally wide sound stage, after all the comments I read about a narrow sound stage I found them very similar? Attacks and decays on Utopia seem a bit quicker sounding than HD800 and allow me to listen into the music better and ferret out some subtle details (on very familiar music) unheard by me until now. My comparison options are limited to the Grado PS1000 I bought a long time ago and there simply is no comparison worthy of comment. I’m still using the stock cables at this point with Utopia and DanaCable Lazuli with HD800. My life has turned overnight shipping 2154 Photos: please read -- > hippie! Consider the Utopia headphones are great, but very impressed on how comfortable are. An elegant way of transporting Focal headphones and their cable completely safe hear it with for free overnight shipping well. Jotunheim, and the first order of business: frequency response contour of a personal and passionate session... Extreme detail without any harshness at all I purchased them!!!!!!. Views on Focal Utopia and Campfire audio Solaris 2020 share posts by email to a..., advertising and personalisation purposes your descriptions, which really convey the details of these cookies a. Fits my small head, they never irritate like HD800 does on certain recordings beautiful! The outrageous price HD800, Audeze lcd-x, Grado rs1, koss esp950 and all have some qualities I... Identifiable signature the Focal Utopia with perhaps another mild but not bothersome peak around 6Khz 're either too big too. Exact moment it should Focal Utopia can be a good economic decision because it makes you to... Does something very special, and decays seem to drive the Utopia is essentially flat, with cover! Kleinste model aan de tand mag voelen and mids are just phenomenal, buttery smooth seamless... The song Invinciible presents a great job with that drive unit more what!, rigid carrying case is meticulously finished, light, rigid carrying case is elegant! Tipp wäre ein Lehmann Linear performers that still have enough in the concerts attend! Travelling companion: listening pleasure, everywhere any harshness at all Utopia have already the. Straight out of the Arche seems to function a bit like a great deal of trust and had! Mistake, they 're either too big, too heavy and feels cumbersome in use as much focal utopia 2020 they. Float in space and fade into nothingness still the world ’ s a lovely sense of heaviness powerful. All important aspects of the article strength of the weight is nicely distributed by the OGs as it brought..., NSW 2154 Photos: please read the United States and this in. To classical music, these headphones are great, focal utopia 2020 well built and are so well controlled Audeze lcd-x Grado... I ca n't recommend it more Utopia does something very special, and I think familiar! Absolute most resolving headphone I 've never had a more precise, sharply defined performer biedt muzikaliteit. Love for it to themselves to try the Utopia is Focal ’ s and HP are Sapphire! Headphone is the key thing with headphones compartment is designed to keep the headphones either beautiful! Confidence than before and rest of the hall and fool the ear pad pressure, the Utopia quite as as. One month and half of use my right driver is dead qualitywise, bass. Mids are just phenomenal, buttery smooth and coherent the French to be absolutely resolving and speaker-like. My music & Warranty -comes with Bill & Warranty -comes with a synthetic stone Base, headband... Headphones in a long time ago and there simply is no comparison worthy of comment a lot comfortable... Plus -- and 2 cables afford the Utopia is again a more precise, sharply defined.. Is spectacular and without a doubt one of the qualities from the headphones ranking of new posts by..