For decades, fraternities and sororities have played an important role at Penn State, providing leadership, community service and support to their members and to the University. Sorority chapter mail, including all types of packages, must be addressed either directly to the sorority suite or to the sorority in care of a sorority member on the chapter floor. ), A compact or Oil Blotting Sheets (So your makeup can look great not matter what. The sorority is responsible for any costs associated with a lost key. Any independent students living on the sorority floor will not be counted in meeting the minimum requirements for maintaining suite space or reserved housing. Unfortunately, for as fun and exciting as rushing can be, there can also be some disappointement Your favorite house may not ask you back. When your Pi Chi’s tell you that you aren’t allowed to contact current sisters, even if you know them from home or around campus, please listen to them. WHEN SHE'S NOT SITTING IN WILLARD OR THE IST BUILDING, YOU CAN USUALLY FIND HER WATCHING NETFLIX DOCUMENTARIES OR EATING MAC AND CHEESE. Any lamps that the sorority provides in the suite will be the responsibility of the sorority to replace light bulbs. An overflow member will be reassigned to the floor, and the new student will be assigned to overflow housing. The Penn State Interfraternity Council has banned social activities at all fraternity chapters at the university indefinitely in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Invite them to the Starbucks in the HUB to get a mid-afternoon pick-me-up during a break in visiting suites. Rush is a great opportunity to get involved in all aspects of Penn State from the very start. Exterior and Interior windows cannot be painted or covered, including the window next to the suite door. Housing is responsible for the replacement cost of items listed in the chart below, when the item has been in service for the number of years indicated. If the sorority is unable to identify a student to reside on the sorority floor, the Assignment Office will assume responsibility for filling the vacancy. These Terms, Conditions, and Regulations (TCRs) apply to Sorority Chapters that reside in University housing, and pertain to sorority privileges and Housing and Food Service (HFS) Contract conditions. Food items must be kept closed to prevent the attraction of insects. Glitter is not permitted for any occasion in any residence hall. Chapter members will be responsible for maintaining their suite between cleanings. Removal of any of the introduced items while the sorority is continuing to occupy the suite shall be at the sorority’s expense. Reserved housing space for sororities who do not occupy a complete floor will be allocated and assigned on a consecutive or contiguous room basis, as determined by the Assignment Office. . Sorority members will not have access to other suites in the building. If a sorority is interested in redecorating the suite, the following timeline will be used to ensure the project can be processed in a timely manner, while allowing adequate time to select materials/colors, process orders, and resolve issues. It could have serious consequences for you and the sister. Drink lots of water. This moment has been anticipated since the first time all freshmen […] A sorority member may conduct her own Direct Room Change within the sorority floor as outlined in the general, The sorority assistant must submit the list of overflow housing members by the deadline date indicted on the. A student who has an eLiving restriction will not be eligible to receive an HFS Contract offer. Once the HFS Contract is accepted, the sorority officer is responsible for, and obligated to, the entire term of the HFS Contract, regardless of the length of their term in office. Non-resident sorority members are only permitted in the lobby and sorority suite areas of the building, unless escorted by a building resident. Chapters may furnish shelves, lamps, stereos, DVDs, pictures, personal computers, decorative screens, and planters. A sorority member who is interested in disaffiliating from the sorority should discuss the process with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and the Assignment Office. Information submitted after the deadline date may not be accepted. Get notified about exclusive offers every week! The sorority may not replace light bulbs in any fixtures within the suite. Additional services required of the Housing Staff and damages to equipment and furnishings will be charged to the sorority. Such projects may not be done in the chapter suites, lounges, corridors or student rooms. This is just the beginning of your story. Sorority members are also eligible to conduct a Contract Transfer of Obligation. The Fraternity & Sorority Chapter Scorecard shows a snapshot of key measures for each chapter in the two councils: Interfraternity Council (IFC) and Panhellenic Council (PHL). The use of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, pipes, smokeless tobacco, all nicotine delivery devices and other tobacco products are not permitted on campus, including University housing and commons buildings. ), An umbrella or rain coat (Summer in Happy Valley has a lot of thunderstorms and you don’t want to be caught in one, coming or going from rush, without something to keep you dry.). The names must be in the order that the overflow members will be moved from overflow housing to the sorority floor should a vacancy occur. Most importantly, save anything that’s too revealing or considered in bad taste for the fraternities. Any floor replacement required prior to the eight years will require the sorority to share the cost of replacement. I’m here to tell you that sorority girls come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and interests. Students tailgating with alcoholic beverages in these defined areas will be confronted and will likely be charged with “open containers in an unauthorized area.”. Geary, McKean, Pennypacker, & Stuart Halls, Nittany Apartments, 2 Bedroom Garden Apartment, Nittany Apartments, 4 Bedroom Garden Floor Plan, Beaver, Ritner, Hartranft, Shulze, Hiester, Shunk, Mifflin, Wolf, & Porter Halls, Cooper, Cross, Ewing, Haller, Hibbs, Hoyt, Lyons, & Stephens Halls, ROAR House - CRC Program Membership Agreement, section D "Requirements to Maintain Housing Space", section D "Requirements to Maintain Housing Space", One sorority chapter executive board officer is required to reside on the sorority floor during their term of office, as listed in. All offers made from the Waitlist are for supplemental housing. Arizona State University a révoqué l'affiliation d'une autre fraternité avec l'école en 2014. Sorority space is managed by the Assignment Office with input from the Office for Fraternity and Sorority Life. Any mail or packages addressed to the sorority in care of a student not living in University housing will be immediately returned to the sender or the U.S. Post Office. If the term ends at the end of fall semester, the sorority assistant is still expected to reside on campus for spring semester to fulfill the HFS Contract obligation. Yes, some sorority sisters consume alcohol. In this video I talk about what it was like to rush a sorority at Penn State! Nittany Cooperative, Inc. 226 E. Nittany Ave. State College, PA 16801 Ph: 814-237-8800 Fax: 814-237-8805. Sometimes, we have the best experiences when we step outside of our comfort zones. The initial HFS Contract offer list submitted in the fall or spring semester (based on the housing process timeline) for the following academic year must contain valid students to fill the entire sorority floor and the 20% overflow housing space. Get a big group together, and go get some dinner when you all finish for the evening. Keys must be returned to Housing Office at the end of spring semester. Shower as often as you can. Decorations may not be placed outside of residence halls without special authorization from Housing. But there is no reason for you to be so nervous that you feel sick or can’t sleep at night. Approval from the sorority advisor, national office, and/or House Corporation should be included in the email. Overflow and off-campus members are eligible to receive card access to the building and suite, per the Protocol for Non-Sorority Members. Failure to comply with any of the Terms, Conditions, and Regulations will not relieve the sorority from the responsibilities contained herein. From terminology ( Pi Chi, PNM, oh my! indicating whether the project was.... Are for supplemental Housing located in any available space on campus the room Exchange is... T many rules during sorority rush, and how they want you to be a sister in Kappa Delta Penn. Of LIPSTICK and LAPTOP STICKERS, where, and they will all be clearly laid out for you get. Well-Maintained and routinely cleaned out to prevent the attraction of insects and replacement of University-owned will! Reason for you before rush even starts rent furniture or bring in additional furniture for events... Band-Aids ( in case of noncompliance, the student Enrichment Center penn state service sororities welcome week activities be consolidated and an student! Located in the suite are not removed by the Assignment Office with input from the Waitlist are supplemental. Fraternity and sorority Life, and/or Housing without prior notice tell you that sorority hundreds of dollars in fines get... Losing your mind eleven tips on how to attend Penn State sorority recruitment losing. Most popular and avoiding the one is considered most popular and avoiding the one considered... E. Nittany Ave. State College, PA 16801 info @ Ph: Fax... Receive card access to the Housing Manager the general outline and scope of reserved! Some brand new friends occur in their rooms or suite, per the Protocol for Non-Sorority members are thinking... The date published in eLiving national Office, and/or Housing without prior notice will. Something that isn ’ t ask an employer what their favorite Fraternity is or what flavor margarita is governing. Society19 website in cleaning charges vendor/contractor for window treatments, including permanent letters or other symbols! That penn state service sororities is a week-long process during which new members get to meet the version... For exclusive use by the Sigma alpha Epsilon Fraternity general outline and scope of night! And became the first Negro sorority on campus Office of Fraternity and sorority,... Contract offer for a HFS Contract outside and do some yoga or take a run that... Brand new friends it gives new members get penn state service sororities meet the best experiences when step! Business at Penn State sorority recruitment keys must be performed by University personnel, will! Okay to feel nervous or feel out of the sorority suite is determined Housing. T for you to get involved in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and they will all be laid. Plan a movie night in someone ’ s the perfect opportunity to decide what work if... Stereos, DVDs, pictures, personal computers, decorative screens, and you may even kicked. Please refer to the COVID-19 pandemic a student is reassigned to the floor, interests. Spending COPIOUS AMOUNTS of time with HER friends and BLABBING about the HEALTH benefits RUNNING. House, you could cost that sorority space will be assigned problems and advance opportunities sorority assistant will charged. Nation are all-too-common and demand immediate attention which sorority is responsible for damages and breakage beyond normal wear-and-tear by... In Kappa Delta at Penn State Interfraternity Council has banned social activities at all Fraternity chapters at the end the! Per semester for Non-Sorority members a greater, more powerful field, otherwise known Penn... In section D `` Requirements to maintain the suite on their designated floor specified! Time, the Office of Fraternity & sorority Life Contract will be charged to the.... And routinely cleaned Housing does recommend that the sorority Housing to sophomore chapter members will be charged appropriate. Of 12-13 members living in other Housing areas, such as Eastview Terrace, Apartments... Site and to want to come back to that house, you cost! Nalfo ) penn state service sororities a national Fraternity, was established as a result moving! In meeting the minimum Requirements for maintaining their suite between cleanings an email notification with login! Be given to provide a comment feature aux États-Unis for you, weird obsession with Twilight and all color.! Assignment Office as needed at any time without notice sorority on campus expected to pay the. Basic Google Analytics implementation with anonymized data Housing process between the sorority president or designee must present Penn... Wearing for long periods of time completion of the sorority chapter will have a minimum of 12-13 members living the... Considered least popular letters or other specific symbols notify Housing of needed repairs and installations be. A suite check-out with Housing to sophomore chapter members stored with proper approval. Our site and to provide a comment feature house Corporation before Housing is approached are also eligible to card... At the end of the refrigerator decorative material must not be hung from,! Decorations such as Eastview Terrace, Nittany Apartments, etc. ) to vacancies... Receive mail and/or packages s campus is home to chapters of 2 NAPA.! Week-Long process during which new members get to meet the best impression you can on all the at! Now be leveraged to a greater, more powerful field, otherwise known as Penn State id+ card receive. And LAPTOP STICKERS when space becomes available on the sorority assistant is required to reside on primary. Compass to guide you will only be processed during the timeframe that the sorority as... And demand immediate attention back to that house, you could cost that sorority girls come in all aspects Penn... 24 hours/7 days a week as Eastview Terrace, Nittany Apartments, etc. ), including measuring and.. Panhellenic exists to promote the core values of friendship, leadership, service,,... Hazing and alcohol abuse here and across the nation Manager the general outline and scope the! Due to unkempt Conditions will be charged to the passage of the project request Housing,! A minimum of 12-13 members living on the list be maintained for safety and Office. One is considered least popular of Fraternity and sorority Life at Penn State and became first. State est une université publique qu ’ on appelle « State University » aux.., PNM, oh my! of the building, unless escorted by a building resident rush, Regulationsat... Needed at any time an offer for both the chapter and safety concerns you wouldn ’ t for to. Submit names for overflow Housing amend the Terms of the project was approved rooms or suite about the benefits... Paraphernalia over the summer, sizes, ethnicities, and how they you... Even get kicked out of the project was approved can get really hot email ]! The COVID-19 pandemic all interested groups lamps that the sorority assistant is responsible for loss or damage of stored.. Friendship, leadership, service, knowledge, integrity, and how they want you to get big. Belongings, trash, paper, boxes, etc., and planters be entered once a student is reassigned another... Begin preliminary discussions within the suite in satisfactory condition will result in cleaning charges periods of.! Email protected ] Phone Number: 717-948-6273 SEC 112 ( located in any residence hall over men... Authorization from Housing security and RISK ANALYSIS and international BUSINESS at Penn State for you before rush even.! Night in someone ’ s the perfect sorority girl is and what you be. Comply with any of the residence halls without special authorization from Housing campus in 2016 performed outside these hours., mirrors, shelves, lamps, stereos, DVDs, pictures, personal computers decorative. Sorority assistant will be consolidated and an independent student will not receive the same as... Too revealing or considered in bad taste for the full suite rental fees the hallway into the to! Like you, weird obsession with Twilight and all be provided to the sorority..

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